Zen of Rocky

AFRICA Additional images will be added to this Gallery during the summer months.

My mother and I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania in 1988. The trip was one of several trips we took after the untimely and tragic death of my father in late 1984.

Africa had always held a special place in my heart since watching the favorite childhood movie, Born Free. Elsa tugged at my heartstrings, and so I held her dear throughout my life.

Although lions did not materialize until the 15th day of the trip, I was touched each day by the beautiful land, the unforgettable animals, and the spirit of the African people. The trip was quiet and gorgeous from the gentle eyes of the giraffe to the playful lion cubs to the vast expanse of the Serengeti. I especially enjoyed learning about elephants, given the importance they place on their family relationships and caring for their young.

The photograph of the male lion was taken on a day that could be characterized as “the path not taken.” All of the trip attendees opted for a balloon ride over the Serengeti, while my mother and I decided to go out in an open air Jeep with a guide. Lo and behold, we were able to observe and photograph the lion, while the watchful guide made sure that we stayed safe.

I often hum or sing the lyrics to Born Free, “Live free and beauty surrounds you / The world still astounds you / Each time you look at a star.”

Africa will always be a star in my sky. It’s a very special place.